Forest adventure

Discover Sainte-Gemme Forest as you have never seen it before. You intended to go for a scenic hike, but things have not gone to plan…

It is late and the sun is beginning to disappear behind the treetops. You no longer know where you are or how you got there…

One thing is certain : this forest is hiding many secrets and, at night, mysterious creatures can be found roaming here.

You have one hour to unravel the mysteries of the forest, otherwise you will remain lost there forever.

Number of players : 2 to 6

Game duration : 60 min

Disabled access : no




Richelieu’s underground passages

Wanted: expert archaeologists

Responsibilities of the role : to explore an underground passage and search for treasure

Requirements : a renowned adventurer who has survived the Temple of Doom, explored the worlds of Wreck-It Ralph or Narnia, travelled to Mordor or found the seven Horcruxes.

Or, failing that, a beginner with a thirst for adventure who is willing to risk their life.

Salary: in the event of survival only, a share of the loot (if you want it…).

Number of players : 2 to 6

Game duration : 60 min

Disabled access : yes




Return to childhood

in french only

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